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WayMaker is differentiated through our relationships, team experience and expertise in leveraging technology and community to source optimal investments and maximize yields.  We apply our capabilities in a manner to meet and exceed our investors expectations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Unfortunately, we don’t make the rules. But we do play by them.

That said, enter your email in the above section for future announcements regarding non-accredited investors.

Yes! You can use groups such as Equity Trust. We can also accept any self-directed IRA or 401k proceeds.

The long-term nature of real estate investing is aligned with the long-term savings requirement of IRA holdings. Your retirement is also invested in real assets that don’t have wild — and anxiety-producing — volatility like that of the stock market.

$100,000, though we are far more interested in the relationship and can make exceptions for qualified investors. Email with your specifics.

Please watch this video to understand the pre-sale structure: Pre-Sale Structure

Please watch this video to understand the attainable structure: Attainable Structure