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Lisa McDonnell, a national leader for Cushman & Wakefield provides exceptional insight on Dallas Fort-Worth multifamily .

In this short clip, Lisa shares:

1.Dallas Fort-Worth will be 3rd largest metro in the country by the end of this decade.

2. By 2100, DFW will be the largest metro in the country. DFW has incredibly strong demand drivers including: diverse employment, good schools, and great infrastructure.

3. Northern Expansion Continues in DFW. In fact, the Legacy Corridor in Plano has become the center of the universe for DFW… the employment base is rapidly expanding, schools are strong, and there is great access to the rest of the metro.

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Keith Dunkin, WayMaker CEO, share’s his insights on the importance of being hyper focused on specific locations for investing. In this short clip, Keith shares:

1. Local market fluency in investment decisions is critical, particularly in real estate.

2. National economists have been claiming oversupply for the Sunbelt since 2013 and it hasn’t happened. In fact, these markets continually have had demand outpace that supply.

3. Demand in key North Texas Suburbs isn’t going away any time soon.

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Jay Parsons, Chief Economist RealPage, shares perspective on the state of multifamily fundamentals in Dallas Fort-Worth. In this short clip Jay highlights:

1. Multifamily fundamentals are seeing a return to a normal, stable market

2. Dallas Fort-Worth is now a seen as an institutional tier 1 market and magnet for people and jobs

3. Dallas Fort-Worth is leading the country on multifamily starts, but relative to the size of existing stock, not even in the top 10. In 2025 and beyond, there will be limited new supply hitting DFW.

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